Joint & Muscle Balm

Joint & Muscle Balm

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A soothing blend to loosen and relax muscles before and after exertion. Utilise the mild anaesthetic qualities of Camphor, provide targeted comfort to your sore muscles and joints. Treat yourself to a massage and take a moment to unwind.

+ Designed to relieve minor aches, sprains, strains, arthritis, and rheumatism.
+ Formulated to enhance the benefits of massage and promote recovery.
+ Helps to relax muscular spasms, while decreasing inflammation, swelling and stiffness
+ 100% cruelty free.


Apply generously by massaging into affected area. Reapply as needed, follow with a hot shower or heat pack for maximum effectiveness.


UMF™ 15+ Mānuka Honey
Rich in amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, Mānuka honey offers many nourishing compounds that are vital in healing your skin.
Camphor Oil
A powerful anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, Camphor can help relieve and soothe muscle spasms and increase local blood flow.
Wintergreen Oil
Acting as a natural analgesic (pain reducer) Wintergreen promotes blood circulation, cools irritation, and reduces inflammation.