Uplifting Face Polish

Uplifting Face Polish

The Honey Collection
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Grasp the goodness of Grape seed and reveal radiant skin. Gently polish away pore-clogging impurities, grime and dead skin while providing nourishment, to refine skin’s texture, and brighten.

+ A creamy-textured exfoliator that won’t upset the balance of your skin.
+ Polishes away clogging surface debris gently and efficiently without irritating.
+ Invigorates dull, lifeless skin to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.
+ A rich blend of botanicals nourish and balance without drying.
+ 100% cruelty free.

Twice weekly, apply to damp skin with fingertips. Massage in circular motions, rinse with warm water.

UMF™ 12+ Mānuka Honey
Rich in amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, Mānuka honey offers many nourishing compounds that are vital in healing your skin.
Grape Seed Powder
A light and gentle abrasive which make it ideal for buffing away dead skin cells and surface impurities.
Shea Butter
A rich emollient packed with antioxidants and minerals, which provide remarkable nourishing and smoothing properties.