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New Zealand's Original Merino Lanolin Skincare now available in Australia

Merino Lanolin Skincare now available in Australia
We are delighted to have been chosen as the Australian importers and distributors for New Zealand’s Original Merino Lanolin Skincare range.

New Zealand's Original Merino Lanolin Skincare.
The natural oil in sheeps’ wool is an exceptional moisturiser, soothing skin cells and providing a protective barrier against the elements.
The Lanolin oil is extracted from the wool of sheep, refined, and used as the foundation for our unique range of Lanolin crèmes and lotions.

Our Merino Lanolin Skincare is the natural way to look after the health and beauty of your skin.

Benefits of Lanolin
Merino Lanolin Skin Cream helps eczema by providing a protective barrier to seal, protect and moisturise damaged skin preventing loss of moisture. This allows your skin to stay hydrated for longer.
Effective for eczema, cracked heels, dry skin, split fingertips, and other skin conditions often associated with eczema and dermatitis.
Merino Lanolin Skin Cream, proudly 100% Made in New Zealand, is an all over body moisturiser with gentle, natural ingredients suitable for all ages and skin types.

Founded in New Zealand in 1980
Merino Skincare was founded in 1980 by Dr Chris Martin, a pharmacist, from Whangamata. Chris kept being asked by his pharmacy customers for a decent skincare cream for dry and damaged skin that “really worked”

Chris had been working for some time on mixing skin cream remedies for his diabetic patients. He recalled his mother sharing a story about how a friend had been making hand cream for her husband and the farm workers from boiling the wool offcuts to extract the sheep’s lanolin.

It gave Chris the idea for Merino Skincare. It took a year of experimenting and researching before he came up with the final product - Merino Skincare cream

Proudly, Kiwi, family owned and operated
Merino Skincare remans a family-owned business, and proudly makes 100% of all their products in New Zealand.