Manuka Honey & Chamomile Soap

Manuka Honey & Chamomile Soap

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Ideal for sensitive and dry skin types, Chamomile has long been prized for its soothing and medicinal qualities. This skin softening soap bar will leave behind a subtle floral scent and a silky soft feel.

+ Gently removes dirt, oil and impurities without causing redness or irritation.
+ Formulated for delicate skin.
+ Infused with an uplifting floral scent.
+ Free from SLS/SLES.
+ 100% cruelty free.


Lather in a face cloth or body mitt and apply to body to cleanse. Rinse off with warm tepid water.

Dryness, daily impurities and grime.


Mānuka Honey 
Rich in amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, Mānuka honey offers many nourishing compounds that are vital in healing your skin.


Chamomile Extract
Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile is perfect for calming and soothing aggravated or irritated skin.

Calendula Oil
Deep red in colour, reparative, and soothing, calendula’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities heal dry and damaged skin.